Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 3


Week 3 of marathon training is officially in the books! Only 1 run was done with little man this week and that was OK by me. While i LOVE running with him, theres only so many places you can comfortably push a stroller (i.e. not having to stop for uneven sidewalk, or stop lights).

Long Run: 10 miles

Sunday called for a 10 mile run; I decided to run around the streets of our town, because I was very much aware of the fact that I would undoubtedly need a bathroom pitstop and/or water breaks. I wasn’t wrong - around mile 3 I made a beeline for a park with a public restroom (making a mental note to never use that bathroom again, as the homeless population made me quite uncomfortable). I made one more stop for water along the way but all in all the run was pretty uneventful. I felt strong through the entire run, and even felt like i could have kept going.

Speed Work: 6 x 800

Track workouts are my favorite, even if i do tend to worry I won’t hit the paces. Since i had nailed a version of this workout the previous week i was about 90% excited and 10% nervous which was great. Tuesday night, i hit the pavement en route to the neighborhood track. The workout FLEW by and before i knew it, i was back at home smiling ear to ear. As soon as i walked in the door, Colton says ‘Wow, musta been a good workout!’. The goal was 2 warm up, 6 x 800 (@4:00-4:04) with 400 recovery, and 2 cool down. My 800 splits were: 3:45, 3:45, 3:46, 3:42, 3:46, & 3:34. I was feeling great so i just went with it. Just as i finished my last 400 recovery the stadium lights went out, so i took that as my cue to leave and head home.

Tempo Work: 6 miles

This week a new workout was introduced: tempo. Back before I got pregnant (and had JUST started training for a marathon) I had completely failed a tempo workout, so when i saw this on the schedule i immediately felt nauseous. Would I be able to even complete this workout? The workout was: 1 mile warm up, 6 miles (9:09-9:15), 1 mile cool down. The run was scheduled for Thursday but when my coach texted me early on in the day and said ‘i forgot to give you a day off this week - take friday or saturday off/easy’ i jumped on and asked for Thursday off. anything to delay the workout - not exactly a great mental attitude. On Friday’s Colton goes into work early so i knew if i was going to get the workout in, I would need to call a babysitter, otherwise I would worry myself all day. At 8 AM i dropped off William, and started out on my warm up - letting in a billion negative ‘you can’t possibly do this’ thoughts. The ONE thought i kept coming back to was ‘Coach thinks i can, so i have to try’. The tempo miles start and my watch buzzes ‘too fast - 8:40 pace’. I think ‘well this pace feels good but okay, i’ll slow down a bit, don’t want to crash and burn’. Watch buzzes again ‘too fast’ 8:30. Crap. slow down. Watch buzzes - Mile 1: 8:55. Okay not bad - can i sustain that for 5 more miles? i better slow it down a bit. Watch buzzes ‘too slow 9:16’ . okay that’s like barely too slow. keep it consistent right here. Watch buzzes ‘too fast 8:40’. DID I EVEN SPEED UP?? Watch buzzes - mile 2: 9:02. okay, not bad, let’s keep it here. Watch buzzes ‘to fast - 8:40’ okay. ignoring watch from now on. This feels good. mile 3: 8:54, mile 4: 8:56 (with a stop for water), mile 5: 8:50, mile 6: 8:42. I probably looked like a maniac smiling so big, but this workout was the perfect confidence booster for me.


  • Nutrition: I haven’t gotten any better, but I also haven’t gotten any worse. I am hungry ALL THE TIME, so i've been making a conscious effort to grab for a pear or banana before i go for the cookies. This week still saw a lot of bathroom stops so I really want to curb those.

  • water intake: SUPER SAD. I was doing well and then i misplaced my water bottle and apparently i don’t know how to drink water out of anything else. Getting back on the horse today and trying to crush it!

  • Core work: Only one session this week, after the stroller run. It’s actually easier to get it in after a stroller run, so i might have to plan on more of those.

How i get my core workouts in, post runs. The rabbit water bottle is his favorite (:

How i get my core workouts in, post runs. The rabbit water bottle is his favorite (:

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