Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 4


Turning the page on Week 4 of marathon training, I feel like this week FLEW by… Although I did think at least 3 of days were Saturday. I love having Colton home during the days but it seriously messes with my internal clock! Since Colton was home for the better part of the week, I only got in about 6 miles with munchkin. I got to deviate from my normal route/neighborhood and found I hated it. I kept running into stoplights and i live to avoid those. Lesson learned.

Long Run: 11 miles

Decided to branch out and go a different route, spice it up. Regrets. My pace over the 11 miles was 11:00. If you take out the time i spent waiting for the little white walk man to appear, my pace was 10:12. Talk about a buzzkill. I won’t be taking that route again. My plan for future runs is to get to the strand and do a majority of the mileage there.

Speed Work: 5 x 1k

I made the mistake of starting this run after it was dark, which isn’t that hard since it gets dark at 5 PM. (seriously, day light savings is. the. worst.) The goal was 1.5 mile warm up, 5 x 1k (@ 4:55-5:00) with 400m recovery, 1.5 cool down. 1k splits: 4:51, 4:49, 4:51, 4:50, 4:51. I’m seriously shocked at how consistent those splits were and pumped that they came in under goal pace! While it was a great workout, it completely trashed my legs. I was for sure feeling it the next day.

Tempo Work: 7 miles

Thursday morning I woke up and my monthly friend stopped by to say ‘hi’. Not so thrilled about that. Coach says tempo can happen on Thursday or Friday. After last weeks tempo i was actually looking forward to this weeks, so Thursday was the plan. Then i started talking myself out of it - my legs still felt pretty tired and the cramps in my back were real and annoying. I started getting ready for a run, telling myself I would run a mile and decide if i wanted to do tempo or just recovery. I got about a half mile in and decided I wanted to do tempo now or I would probably talk myself out of it tomorrow too. 7 miles averaging 8:43!! Once i got my legs going, they were REALLY feeling it and despite my mind telling me to slow down in the first couple miles, they kept it up - 8:43, 8:38, 8:45, 8:41, 8:48, 8:47, 8:40. Around 4.5 miles my c-section scar started nagging at me, which i’ve found happens every time i get my period. I reminded myself that, even if i stopped to walk, the pain would still be there so there was no point in stopping. I powered through and gave that last mile everything i had.


  • Nutrition: This week saw ALOT more veggies and a lot less sweets. Mainly because we didn’t have any in the house. I spent the week CRAVING chocolate but filling that craving with fruits. I suppose that is progress.

  • water intake: 100+ ounces every day this week. Also, less coffee. William has been sleeping better so it hasn’t been such a crutch - yay!!

  • Core work: with Colt home more, we spent a lot of time together and core work got pushed to the back burner. I got one session in and William even joined me, to make it a killer arm workout too.

William and dad cheering me on during my warm up for tempo; needed the little extra nudge to get out the door!

William and dad cheering me on during my warm up for tempo; needed the little extra nudge to get out the door!

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