Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 1


This week was relatively ‘easy’ in that all miles were at a comfortable pace. Before I start putting in the hard work, I need to get my legs back up to a higher mileage. The previous 3 weeks barely saw 30 miles, so this week was a welcomed change. Of the 38 miles, about 32 of them were run with my favorite running buddy! He slept for about 7 of them, this boy, he’s not a napper. Since this week didn’t include a workout or a long run there’s not much to report back and that’s just fine by me.


  • Nutrition: I have always struggled with my diet being fuel for my runs. I eat A LOT but I ALWAYS choose food that doesn’t agree with me. This week i had to make a pitstop three different times for potty breaks. I get that sometimes it’s inevitable, but i would love to rein in my food/fuel intake and use it as best i can! Less cheese, more veggies & fruits.

  • water intake: I am HORRIBLE about drinking water throughout the day - but with breastfeeding my little one, it’s more important than ever! I drank 120+ ounces every day this week **insert happy dance here**

  • Core work: Tuesday and Thursday saw the ‘quick core crush’ 10 minute video from the Nike Training app. This routine is PERFECT post run because I can usually get William distracted for 10 minutes by a water bottle. I was definitely sore after Tuesday’s routine, I NEED to work on those muscles big time.

My longest run this week was about 7.5 miles - William was over it about 6 miles in. He got to hold the water bottle for the last bit, which resulted in a MUCH happier run for both of us! He is teething which contributes to some of the fuss, anyone have any teething secrets?!

Jessica Kennelly