Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 5


Bye bye, November; The first FULL month of training. I logged 211 miles in the 30 days, a new monthly high for me! I know I said last week flew by, but this week really flew by. I can’t believe the marathon is 50 days away.  I’m excited to continue working hard and put in the work to be prepared for race day! 

Long Run: 13 miles

I ran the first 9 on the strand, in an effort to avoid the stop and go of stoplights. Colt and Will met me around mile 3.5 to provide sword and run a mile with me. I saw them again at mile 8.5 for another swig of sword. I then made the trek home which include some big ole hills. I planned on taking one route but there wasn’t a sidewalk and the road was busy enough that i didn’t feel comfortable running on the road so i detoured and got a bit lost. I need to get fuel more often, and more water; The legs felt strong the entire time and mentally, it was a great run! Looking forward to growing the long run. 

Speed Work: 4 x 1200m

Colt planned to meet me at a local track on his way home from work so i could run in a little bit of daylight. Turns out there was a soccer game and i wasn’t allowed on the track. I tried to run on the track by our house but they were also having a soccer game so i settled for laps around our neighborhood. I don’t love running in the dark, so i stuck to main roads that were fairly well lit. If anything the dark made me go a little faster. This workout went well, the goal pace was 6:00. My splits were: 5:57, 5:44, 5:48, 5:35.  

Since last week I had felt rough the following day, i assumed this week would be the same story. It wasn’t though; my legs felt awesome - i ran a recovery 6 miles with the stroller and did an addition sub 9 mile with the pup! Maybe this means my fitness is increasing? I’ll go with that.  

Tempo Work: 7 miles

Due to thunderstorms, these tempo miles were done on a treadmill. I was really worried the run would bomb because i have a terrible  track record with treadmills. I texted a running buddy and she agreed to meet me at the gym. Having her run next to me made the miles go by a bit quicker. I set the speed during the workout and my pace kept fluctuating (by as much as 30 seconds), so I’m not positive how accurate the treadmill/watch was. I hope i don’t have to do another workout on the treadmill but i will say it wasn’t the worst thing ever. 


  • Nutrition: my sweet tooth was out of control this week. I couldn’t get enough food either. I’m pretty sure i was scouring for food every hour.. including 4 AM when i would wake up with William. Definitely not the best week for nutrition. 

  • water intake: 100+ ounces every day this week. I’ve been drinking more vitamin C too, don’t need to get any sickness!

  • Core work: 0. Big fat 0. I really don’t know where the week went. I scheduled core next week and will make it a bigger priority.



One stroller run this week and little man got crazy hair. I wore my new legs lite shorts from rabbit and loved them!  

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