Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 7


This week saw ALOT of smiles. I found a lot of joy in almost every run i did; with an overall contentment for the week. I also started to get nervous for the marathon - the main nerves being: will i be able to finish without walking? I’ve heard about the wall at 20 miles and I’m already mentally preparing for that last 10k.  

Long Run: 16 miles

Another long run in the books! Mary and I hit the strand for the second of our long runs together. The miles clicked by while we discussed life and thanked the lord that the sand dunes were nonexistent. We didn’t have to make any pitstops during this run, and that made a huge difference in keeping our momentum going! I drank sword every 3 miles, but could have used a water refill at 12; opting to keep going, since I knew i could manage 4 more without it.

This run was an absolute blast and got me all sorts of excited for the marathon! Since it’s my first marathon, my goal is just to finish and enjoy it. My main concern going in was the length, would my body be able to train and run that far? After 16, i felt great! 

Speed Work: 6 x 800m

I was nervous going into this one, since last week was rough.

The goal was 3:52-3:56 splits; my actual splits were 3:47, 3:47, 3:44, 3:53, 3:46, 3:51. My legs felt surprisingly well after the long run and i was ready to tackle the half mile repeats.  I gently reminded myself i was capable of that speed during the warm up and even told myself “coach wouldn’t have put this on the schedule if she didn’t think i could do it” positive talk for the win!

Tempo: 7 miles  

wow. Wow. Wow!

The plan was to drop William off at the babysitters at 9, and run. Will had other plans. He started cutting his first tooth and was quite unhappy about it. Having a low grade fever, i didn’t feel comfortable leaving him with a sitter. So, i waited. I pushed off my run, knowing i would get around to it when Colt got home and if i didn’t get around to, i wouldn’t lose anything. 

when Colt got home i handed off an emotional babe and set off. The warm up felt great — i had done an hour of compression therapy the day before and my legs realllllly benefitted from it!!  

Mile 1 - 8:27 -wow! Okay, you can slow down. You have to hold this for 6 more miles. 

Mile 2 - 8:12 - omg. I literally went to the bathroom right before the run. What is wrong with me!! *stops at home for quick bathroom break *

Mile 3 - 8:06 - who is this? Is my watch broken? What’s going on?  

Mile 4 - 8:27 - okay that seems maintainable, only 3 more. you could do this in your sleep

Mile 5 - 8:16 - how am i keeping this up? Only 2 left tho?  Here we go, homestretch. 

Mile 6 - 8:26 - could i get 7 miles under 8:30?  

Mile 7 - 8:16 - that was so fun. Okay back to reality, get home, William needs snuggles.

7 tempo miles averaging 8:19!! I was sore about 3 hours after the workout and it was the best feeling. Tempo work became my favorite workout this week. 

It’s the best feeling knowing my fitness is increasing to levels i never thought i was capable of (& at ten months postpartum!!)  


  • Nutrition:  broccoli, carrots, strawberries, bananas, and a lot of bread and peanut butter. That’s been the bulk of my fuel this week and I’ve been loving my energy level!

  • water intake: 4 of the 7 days saw 100+ ounces. The other 3 were close— progress!

  • Core work: 0. This goal is getting pushed to the wayside. Trying to decide if i ditch it at this point or make a better effort. Running is so fun to me, where core work is no fun - anyone have tips or routines that are FUN!?

A teething baby means mama’s mug of immunity Nuun gets chugged so it can be a toy... the things you do to keep an emotional roller coaster happy. 

A teething baby means mama’s mug of immunity Nuun gets chugged so it can be a toy... the things you do to keep an emotional roller coaster happy. 

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