Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 8


IOWA. This week saw some COLD miles and they were AWESOME. With Christmas next week, this week’s schedule was a little weird. Usually my long runs are on Sunday, but this week was a planned down week - with just 8 miles on Sunday. With my family christmas being the following Sunday, i needed to move that long run to Saturday. So what started as a down week, ended with a long run!

Long Run: 18 miles

There’s a trail that runs from town to town, totaling 33 miles long, near my home. i knew this would be the best option for the long run.. but boy was i wrong. The plan was to have my sister bike next to me for the 18-20 mile run.. We quickly realized this was going to prove difficult since the path was covered in snow.

This run was different in that it had a workout component to it - the workout was 6 easy, 6 at 9:10-9:15 pace, 6-8 easy. I really liked this layout because it allowed me to think of the runs as 6 mile runs, rather than 1 daunting 20 mile run. My coach made a note that i needed to practice patience and not go out too fast. I reminded myself to go at a comfortable pace the first 6, but that wasn’t too hard since the snow made sure i was going slow. Dani was able to stick pretty well with me the first 6.

Then i picked up the pace, dodged the snow when i could - the first two miles of this section were good. It took me a few minutes to find my groove. Then mile 3 hit and so did the snow. I was watching where to put my foot and just hoping there wasn’t ice for me to fall - the third mile was my slowest of the middle six, but i was okay with that since i wasn’t about to get hurt and miss out on the marathon! The next 3 miles went by fairly quick and snow was intermittent. I took it slow when snow and ice were present and sped up with the ground was clear. It was during mile 3 that I lost Dani and her bike actually broke. My phone had also died early in the run (at 30%, eyeroll), so i knew i had to keep track of Dani so i would have a ride home! I backtracked multiple times to find her - shortly into my third set of 6 miles, i found her riding the bike! she had fixed it but it wasn’t a match for the snow and ice patches and she ended up walking next to it for a majority of the last 6.

I came up to the town we were planning to get picked up in - i had 2-4 more miles to complete the run. I wanted to get 4 in and I felt good. I wasn’t too cold and i felt like i had plenty of energy. Once i started running in town I was actually able to get into a groove too and felt more like my normal runner self! My dad drove by me and i didn’t want him to wait another 20 minutes for me, so i called it at 18. All things considered, it was a pretty good run!

Speed Work: 5 x 1k

This workout happened on a Monday (because of travel), i was a little nervous about that because my Sunday 8 miler was rough on my legs - they felt heavy and sluggish. I surprised myself with splits averaging 4:47. My legs felt great and i was even able to put in two on the following morning.

Tempo: 7 miles  

This was another treadmill tempo run. I wasn’t super happy about this one. I had planned on running outside, i went out to move the car and saw it was ridiculously windy and cold. The layers i had on weren’t doing anything to keep me warm. I opted for a treadmill run, changed into a tank top and shorts. I immediately started sweating in my parents basement but kept on for 7 tempo miles.


  • Nutrition:  is nutrition real on vacation?

  • water intake: all. the. water. excellent week!

  • Core work: zero. again. boo.

Being back in the same state as my sister means LOTS of partner miles. THE BEST.

Being back in the same state as my sister means LOTS of partner miles. THE BEST.

Jessica Kennelly