Carlsbad Marathon Training: Week 12


Tapering is probably the worst part of training. You question if you are ready, if you did enough, if your goals are realistic and really, your sanity. 26.2 miles, what were you thinking!? I calmed these crazy thoughts when they bubbled up, and looked back through my logs to reassure myself that I am SO READY.

Tapering also allows for a lot of time for reflection. Here’s what I came up with this week.. In the last 12 weeks, I ran 568.29 miles; taking 8 full rest days. William learned how to crawl & walk (and is trying, oh so hard, to run). I had really great runs and some terrible runs. I had some slow runs and went the fastest i’ve ever gone. Coach challenged me like i’ve never been challenged before and I can honestly say i loved all of it. I was trying to decide which type of run was my favorite - the track workouts, the tempo runs, the long runs, or the recovery. I couldn’t decide. They each pushed me - from pushing harder to hit a pace, to pushing longer to get all the tempo miles in, to just going longer to get the mileage in, and just getting out the door to recover some really tired and sore legs.

I’m so very excited to run my FIRST marathon tomorrow and be part of that 1%. Each run this week I envisioned the finish line, and imagined just how good it will feel to cross it. There is no denying, I put in a lot of work, and the marathon will be the perfect way to celebrate it all!


  • Nutrition:  Carbo week.

  • water intake: Gimme all the water. Hot, cold, iced, all of it.

  • Core work: none this week but excited to have this goal for the next training cycle and hold myself more accountable.

Jessica KennellyComment