Next Up: Mountains 2 Beach Marathon

I caught the bug. The marathon bug.

I knew even before I ran Carlsbad that I loved the process - the higher mileage, the tempo runs, the LONG runs. I started looking for another marathon a week or so before Carlsbad, telling myself I HAD to wait to sign up until I ran a marathon. What if I hated the actual race? Well, turns out, that wasn’t the case and I wanted to do it again, stat.

My family is moving this summer which provided reason enough to sign up for a spring marathon - I would have time NOW to train & it would likely be my last Cali marathon (at least for now, CIM is on my ‘someday’ list). This summer would be too hectic with travel, packing, and moving to try and stick to a training schedule. That settled it, Mountains 2 Beach made sense - the timing was perfect and the location was ideal.

Next I had to decide what my goals for this marathon would be. I learned a lot from my debut marathon and I wanted to build on that. Goal A: Run sub 3:45. That would be about a 15 minute PR. A lofty goal, but I think if I commit to the training and practice patience in my training I can get it. Goal B: PR. My current personal record is 3:59.43. If I can run under that I will be ecstatic. The course is mainly downhill so if all else fails hopefully geography helps me out. Goal C: Finish strong. If it’s the worst race in the history of races, I want to AT LEAST finish feeling strong. One thing that happened in Carlsbad was a huge slow down in the last eight miles. I had gotten carried away in the first 13 miles and left myself feeling weak and slow for the final 8 miles. By practicing patience in my training I hope that correlates to racing with patience and keeping enough fuel in my tank to finish strong!

In February I started incorporating strength training into my workout routine. I want to continue this as I gear up for Mountains 2 Beach. My legs will need to be strong to take on that downhill. As a friend told me - my quads will be absolutely destroyed - so train for that. This includes running hilly routes but also getting my legs as strong as they can be in the weight room.

One thing i’m doing differently this time around is a tune-up race. I love the half marathon distance, so I knew that was something I wanted to do. I signed up for the San Diego half marathon in April, about 6 weeks before the marathon so I’m really excited to see how that goes!

A lesson I learned from the last cycle of training was that vacations are HARD to train through. While I think i did an OK job of training while on our 3 week vacation in Iowa, it was less than ideal. We have no visitors or vacation planned for the next 12 weeks so I will be able to grind away at my training, in my routine!

My biggest goal for this cycle is to practice patience. As my parents, husband, siblings, and best friends will tell you - I can be incredibly impatient. I don’t like waiting. I know I NEED to practice this. They will also tell you that I love a challenge - heck I started running because it was posed as a challenge. So i’m approaching the idea of practicing patience as a challenge - which gives me great internal drive to complete the task to the very best of my ability.

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Jessica Kennelly