February Goals

I’ve signed up for another marathon, but training won’t start until March (more on this later). So February is a little gap time. I figured this would be the perfect time to make some short-term goals that will hopefully turn into habits, without the stress of marathon training.

  • 1) For Christmas my sweet sister and brother in law got me the book “Let your mind run”. I was so excited when I opened the gift it took all my will power to not hide away in a corner, lost in the book. My first goal for this month is to read “let your mind run”. I’ve heard from a couple other runners that the messages in the book are SO helpful. I will take all the help I can get.

  • 2) 100 oz of water daily. This was one of my goals for the Carlsbad marathon training cycle. I did an okay job, but I had some days/weeks that weren’t super. I want to get this goal to the point that I don’t have to think about it. I figure February is 28 days and if I make the conscious effort for each one of those days it might become second nature, and I can drop this goal for a new one!

  • 3) Another one of my goals for the Carlsbad Marathon training cycle was nutrition, but I didn’t specify what this really meant, other than ‘be better’. This month I really want to focus on getting in my fruits and veggies. My goal is 3 servings of veggies, and 3 servings of fruits everyday. I am also hoping to mix it up a little more. I tend to lean on broccoli, bananas, and strawberries; i want to diversify my plate and mix it up to get all my servings in.

  • 4) As I previously mentioned, I reached out to a local fitness queen, and she wrote up a strength training plan for me! She has me doing 2 total body and 2 core workouts a week. I’m super excited to start this - my plan is to do the total body work on my harder run days (speed work/tempo runs) and the core on easy days, and still having 3 easy/rest days to let my body recoup!

What are your goals for February? How do you plan to accomplish them?

Jessica Kennelly