Weekly Recap: February 10-16


Slowly increasing mileage and loving it. It was Williams birthday week (valentine’s baby!) and my brother and future sister-in-law were in town so i got to run solo quite a bit. California was still confused the majority of the week, and only one day was full on sunshine… ready for this ‘winter’ to be over. (I know i have zero room to talk, all my family back in Iowa has been dealing with terrible snow/ice/wind for the last couple of weeks).


I have never done a fartlek, but I always thought they sounded so fun - so when I saw one on the schedule for this week I was ecstatic! Unfortunately when I woke up bright and early Thursday morning to get this workout and strength training session in before Colton had to be at work, it was pouring down rain. I drove to the gym and made the decision to get the workout in on the treadmill. I had brought an extra change of clothes but I just didn’t have the mental capacity to run in the rain. it was February 14th and I had spent the entire drive thinking about ONE YEAR AGO giving birth to my sweet William and my emotions were ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I started running on the treadmill; i felt good and strong. 10 minutes of warm up and I was ready to go. I had 3 sets of 6 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. My first set, i ran the hard portions smoothly at 7.0 mph. I didn’t want to jack up the speed for fear I wouldn't be able to hold onto it for all 3 sets. My legs have just been starting to feel fresh, with a little pep in them so I wasn’t sure what my limit would be. The second set I bumped up the speed a bit to 7.2. I was still feeling good but working for it a bit. I knew I had more left in my tank so the third set I did the six minutes at 7.5 and the three minutes I started at 7.5 but increased to 7.7 for the second minute and went up to 8.0 for the final 50 seconds. I felt awesome. The workout was a lot of fun and while I wish it would have been nicer outside so I could have run off feel, I’ll take this workout!


  • Food: Ratatouille Frittata “it’s a flavor party in my mouth!” - Colton Kennelly. This eggplant, zucchini, tomato frittata from Budget Bytes was amazing! We tried their Spaghetti Carbonara & Beef Stroganoff this week too! I’m all about packing in as many veggies into a dish as I can. Nolan doesn’t eat many veggies so getting in a good amount of veggies was hard this week.

  • Water: this was terrible. It seemed like the rainy weather was telling me I didn’t need to drink any..

  • Reading: I didn’t get much further in my book this week but I have high hopes for couple lazy afternoons next week!

  • Strength:  I completed 2 full body workouts and 2 core workouts. The full body workout called for cable rows this week and unfortunately that machine was broken - so the first day i just paced the entire gym looking for another and decided to skip the exercise when I couldn’t find it. When I was telling my friend about it she suggested doing bent over rows in the place - so on the second day when the machine was still broken, that’s what i did!

New rabbit shorts - and they are awesome. It’s possible I wore them twice this week…

New rabbit shorts - and they are awesome. It’s possible I wore them twice this week…

Little buddy loves to share… even his birthday cake

Little buddy loves to share… even his birthday cake

Jessica Kennelly