A few favorites

It’s been about two weeks since the marathon, I’ve run a total of 5 times (with my longest run being 4.6 miles). I’m looking forward to getting back into marathon shape but for now, I’m enjoying the down time!

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying with all the free time:

Fast Girl - A book by Suzy Favor Hamilton about her journey to a bipolar disease diagnosis. I found it to be a really quick read and incredibly interesting. While Suzy was an olympic runner, the book’s larger picture deals with the mental illness surrounding her life.

Country Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify - When i’m not listening to nursery rhymes for William, this has been my go-to playlist recently. Another favorite is this Northridge Playlist

Running Blogs - FueledbyLOLZ & The Cookie Runner - both of these women keep their posts honest & real and I’m ALL about that! I like to read their training and race recaps. I also enjoy Hollie’s shoe reviews, she works with shoe retail so I really trust her opinion!

Instagram account - SugarRuns - I find Jessica incredibly inspiring, and she gives GREAT tips. I recently adopted her alarm technique for morning runs (setting early alarms with a label to remind you why you are getting up before the sun (like “Sub 3:45”) so when you want to hit your snooze button you are faced with the choice of chasing your dream or being lazy, it’s working so far). She’s also a running coach and told me about the RRCA classes. She JUST quit her full time job to pursue her coaching job full time, SO COOL!

Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter - I found my current jar at Ralph’s, but you can buy this stuff online too! I use it in shakes (with banana, yogurt, and milk!), William likes it too - in face he usually ends up with over half of my smoothie!

rabbit gear - rabbit just recently released two new run fast, lounge hard pieces to their growing collection - so naturally I immediately ordered both (my sweet friends got me rabbit gift cards for my birthday so i HAD to use them up!). I am loving the polka shirt (let’s be honest, i love the long sleeve too!) I’m currently in a debate with myself.. do I need their new RunLove tank?

HyrdoFlask - I’ve had my 40 oz Hydro Flask for over a year, and I’m still loving it. It makes getting in my 100+ ounces of water a day just a little easier and keeps my water super cold!

Dexter - Netflix and I have been bonding, a cousin recommended i check out Dexter and so far I haven't been disappointed. I am about 3 seasons in. If you aren’t queasy around blood and like crime shows you should check it out too!

A million little things - this is Colton's and I’s show, we watch it via Hulu. We have been loving it so far and can’t wait for more to come. It’s a good combination of serious, funny, and keeps you wondering what’s coming next. The very first episode revolves around John’s suicide and the rest of the season has been spent unpacking the ‘why’ and how the family and friends are moving forward. My favorite character is Gary (a male breast cancer survivor), he generally keeps things light and isn’t afraid to be blunt.

Little man is almost a YEAR old, I cannot believe the time has flown by so fast. (wearing the rabbit tee in a medium).

Little man is almost a YEAR old, I cannot believe the time has flown by so fast. (wearing the rabbit tee in a medium).

What are your favorites lately?