Weekly Recap: February 2-9


Yay for my first full week back!! While the runs were easy, I started incorporating strength training, so i am a lot more sore than I would be after a normal easy week.

I ran as many miles on the strand as i could, because I realized my time next to the ocean is LIMITED. I’m super excited to get outta this traffic jam of a city, but i will miss the weather!  On that note, Colt and I decided I should sign up for another marathon in Cali, since it will likely be my last chance to race in this place we called home for 3 years. Come May I’ll be toeing the line of the Mountains to Beach marathon. I’m super excited because our good friend John is going to toe it with me! More on this later.

Strength training and I have a very weak and almost nonexistent relationship. I avoided it in high school and did very little in college. I picked up long distance running in college and when it became my first priority in exercising I had no drive to get into the weight room.  Postpartum + bigger dreams have made me come to the realization that strength training needs to be a bigger priority.  I was pretty nervous this first week but I ended up LOVING it. The combination of a ‘harder’ run (this week that meant adding strides to the end of easy miles) and a full body workout was awesome, not to mention it gave me a little more time to myself.  In the process of doing the different exercises outlined by Susie, I realized how weak my hip flexors are (side kicks on hands/knees, killer). I’m also fairly certain I woke up the morning after my first full workout MORE SORE than post marathon, good times.


  • Food: I have eaten mango (which i previously detested), grapes, berries, and bananas. I didn’t get too crazy this week, but I did eat mango which is a big deal. I made an effort to eat salad, which i don’t love. I also made an eggplant primavera that was delicious and packed with eggplant, mushroom, and tomato. I’ve got another eggplant meal on deck for next week. I found a new site called Budget Bytes that i’ve been searching for new recipes, i’ve got about 20 bookmarked.

  • Water: I’ve been capping my intake at 100 ounces, i drank 120+ two days in a row and I woke up with massive headaches. Since my water intake was really the only different factor I decided to be a little less aggressive and I haven’t had an issue since.

  • Reading: I set aside 15-30 minutes each night to read/put the electronics away. It’s been great and i’m making good headway on my book. If you know me, you know I either read a book in a day OR i drag the book out for 6 months. There’s no in-between, trying to break that pattern.

  • Strength:  I completed 2 full body workouts and 2 core workouts. I’m so thankful I reached out to Susie, because I would have definitely had no idea how to come up with a set of exercise to benefit myself.

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