Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Week 2


This week flew by; lotta easy miles, a terrible workout & a great workout. A whole slew of new recipes, a new book, and even some new shoes!

Long Run: 12 miles

Felt really great to get this one in the books. It was pretty uneventful, which is great for a long run. I decided to run around town because there was a chance of rain and I didn’t want to get stuck somewhere in a downpour. It ended up not raining, but I discovered a new park with a splash pad so yay! The downside to this choice was stopping at stoplights - my average pace was 10:51 but if you subtract all the seconds I spent waiting for the little white man to light up my average was 10:06.

Tempo: 3 miles

This. was. horrible. I felt off from the moment I woke up, but I kept telling myself I was capable of the paces and I could do it. I got to the workout mid afternoon; I started off okay, trying to keep negative thoughts away. The warm up felt okay but my lungs were having a hard time keeping up and my nose was running.

I started the paced miles and knew it was going to be a physically tough and mentally grueling 3 miles. I could only keep the pace for about half a mile and then I hit the wind and it was even harder. First mile clocked in at 8:32. Ooof. That was hard and I needed to get in two more.

I clung on to any pace that I could muster, and it felt like a slow death march. Second mile came in at 8:42. One more and you could crawl on home. Even with a tailwind, I was sucking in air and struggling to lift my legs. third mile - 9:00. That was a far cry from 8:00 but i finished the miles and wrapped up with 6 for the days.

My mind quickly went to a negative space - you aren’t fit enough to run that fast - it was silly to think you could run that fast, that long. I pushed those thoughts away, reminding myself, I had a killer workout just 5 days earlier. I thought about past workouts I had failed miserably at, and found a little solace in the fact that I did NOT finish those workouts, but I had finished todays. My coach reminded me that cycles have highs and lows and it’s not uncommon to crush a workout one day and struggle the next. On to better days!

Speed Work: 2 mile repeats

hello sweet redemption.

With daylight savings my workouts will mainly be in the afternoons, since the sun hangs out longer and who doesn’t love a good sunset run? The downside to that - I get to spend all day thinking about the workout. The last training cycle this wasn’t a big deal, because I was so pumped to do the workouts that I spent much of the day in giddy anticipation. I think that feeling will return, I just need to get back into a groove. For today’s workout I was in a constant tug-of-war with my mind - negative and positive thoughts fighting for my focus.


Colton & I met at the beach to trade off William & cars. (Colt & Will ended up hanging out for 30 minutes to watch airplanes and eat sand.) I told Colton I was so nervous for this workout - what if I completely failed like earlier in the week? He looked me straight in the eye and said ‘don’t pull a Colton’. We both know that his mental toughness is the weakest part of his running (the other day he dropped a 6:34 mile, which came as no surprise to me but he was completely shocked!). I knew he was right, I had to let Tuesday’s workout go and focus on the sets ahead of me. I knew I was capable of the paces and I was strong enough to complete the workout (otherwise Coach wouldn’t have given it to me!). Without delaying the workout anymore I set off for my warm up. I had on my new Adidas Bostons and was loving the feel of the light shoes. The warm up went by quickly, while i kept all negative thoughts at bay.

My watch buzzed and I took off. ‘too fast! 8:00’ my watch read. Okay let’s just find a groove, you’re in the right area, just settle into it. I kept repeating the mantra ‘you are strong. you are capable’ I knew that getting to the pier was about 1.5 miles, so I just kept reeling in the pier, knowing that the last .5 mile would be waiting for me on the other side. Mile one came in at 8:04 and I wasn’t sucking air? Okay. Keep this pace. Watch check - I had .09 left of the first set and I was on track for an 8:05 mile. Push it. You get 3 minutes after this. Second mile clocked in at 8:02. Awesome. Can you do that again? Took 3 minutes for a light jog and a quick drink of water and I was ready to do it again.

At no point during the first set was I in the suggested pace (8:20-8:30) and I was okay with that. When I began the second set I was at a consistent 8:11 but then I slowed down ever so slightly and got into the suggested range (my watch has a short vibrate to let me know). After such a great first set, I didn’t want to be in this range. I knew I could be faster. I picked it up - mile one - 8:14. Not bad. Could you beat it, mile 2? I held the pace for the first 3/4 of the mile and with 1/4 left I told myself to push it. The workout was 2-3 sets of 2 miles, so if I felt like it, this could be my last set. I pushed it hard the last quarter and ended with an 8:10. 3 minute jog starts. Do i want to do another set? I’m still breathing okay, maybe I could get a sub 8. I gotta try, right?

Mile 1 had a couple little rolling hills, nothing big but enough to slow me down a step and the mile clocked in at 8:17. My slowest of the day. Maybe I shouldn’t have run a third set. Wait. No. you are so freaking capable of a sub 8 mile. Run. I pushed the pace the entire second mile. With .56 left, I saw my time was 11:53 for the portion of the workout - could I finish under 16? I had to try. I pushed. and I pushed. 16:12. I will take it, a sub 8 mile to finish up a tough workout? Yes.


  • Food: Taco Salad Skillet - Budget Bytes - I love love love tacos. I also love any reason to use my skillet. this dish was super easy and delicious! Quick Lemon Garlic Fish - Budget Bytes - I love salmon and cod, so i was happy to try tilapia. Verdict, not a huge fan. I roasted some brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes to eat with the fish so the meal was good but not great.

    We decided to try Hello Fresh this week, we had a coupon for $80 off/4 weeks. I was feeling a little uninspired in the kitchen, so it seemed like the perfect time. We got meatloaf, pork tacos, and crusted chicken pasta. The meatloaf was good and fairly easy to make - it came with potatoes & baby carrots for roasting on the side. The chicken pasta was really good, but didn’t seem worth the $5.82/serving. Pork tacos are sitting in the fridge for next week, so we will see how those go!

  • Reading: I quickly finished Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf - it’s a story of a social worker in Iowa (how fitting, my mother is a social worker in Iowa). I cried a bit during this book, but I couldn’t put it down, I had to know how it ended. If you have an empathic heart this might be a good book for you. I am planning to give this book to goodwill so if you have an interest in reading it, let me know, i’ll send it to you! I picked up Francesca’s Kitchen by Peter Pezzelli it’s been a little slow going but It’s a light hearted read so far! I also started Roar by Stacy T. Sims I’ve been hanging onto this one for a while, it came highly recommended by my friend & idol, Jill Deering. it’s incredibly informational so far.

  • Strength: Full body workouts this week were a lot of body weight exercise; i completed these after the workouts so I was tired and after the workouts i was exhausted (but that good exhausted that means you’re making progress in your fitness).

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon:

Want to read more about OR sign up for the marathon i’m training for - Check it out here.

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