Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Week 3


Another rollercoaster of a week but overall a good ride; including one unfortunate low on Tuesday’s tempo run, a good long run, great track workout and a lot of enjoyable easy miles.

Long Run: 14 miles

With the LA marathon next weekend, I knew a couple running and reached out to see if any of them wanted to run part of my long run with me. Shannon agreed to run part with me, if I was okay with the wood chip trail. I did my first 6 on the strand and finished with 8 on the trail with her. The last 8 seemed to go by quicker than the first 6 because we chatted all things running the whole time. I’m not a lover of the wood chip trail, but it was good to mix it up from the everyday concrete.

Tempo: goal 6 miles

actual: 2.5 miles.

It wasn’t my day.

I had to accept that and move on. I tried, held on for as long as I could, but ultimately easy miles won out.

My stomach wasn’t having it, and i KNOW that my treadmill mental game is so very, very weak. I started my warm up and felt good. I set the treadmill to 7.0 (8:34 pace) and tried to settle in. I found a groove, despite my watch telling me I was going too slow (9:35, but the indoor run setting is not dependable!) and then about 3/4 of the way into mile 1, I felt the bowels start rumbling. I told myself ‘get through mile 1, see if it subsides.’ At 1.12 miles I paused the workout and sprinted to the bathroom. After a quick little break I got back on and resumed the 7.0 pace. After another .3 miles, my watch was telling me I was going at an 11:35 pace - jeesh - and my bowels were rumbling - again, despite having gone to the bathroom already. I knew that this wasn’t going to go away so i hopped off again after a half mile and went back. This happened one more time and out of frustration, and mental defeat I just gave up. I ran 3 more miles at an easy pace and called it a day. I normally do a weight lifting session after a workout but I just didn't have it in me. My energy was completely drained (despite taking a nap in the afternoon) and my mental focus was gone.

Speed Work: 12 x 400

“… because I was so pumped to do the workouts that I spent much of the day in giddy anticipation. I think that feeling will return, I just need to get back into a groove.” - Me. I wrote that last week and guess what. That feeling arrived at 9:26 AM on Friday morning. I knew all week long that I would be doing my track workout on friday evening since a) Colton was traveling on Thursday and had PT on Friday morning and b) our normal babysitter couldn’t watch William. After Tuesdays Tempo I was really worried I would put myself in a mental state about this workout and totally bomb it, but much to my delight I got really excited about it in the morning, I even contemplated doing it with the stroller. When I checked the weather and saw it was still pretty windy I decided to just wait until Colton got home from work. The good feelings lasted the whole day and I set off to do my workout with high spirits. I have always been a sprinter, and the idea of 400 repeats had me smiling ear to ear.

2 mile warmup went by quickly and luckily there was only a small soccer practice happening at the field, so I had the track all to myself. I set my water bottle down and did a slow lap to finish up my warm up. My watch started to beep, letting me know my first interval was coming up. I took off - the wind on the backstretch was strong but I told myself ‘you are stronger’. I pushed through it, remembering words from Deena’s book that this wind was making me stronger too. 1:39 for the first rep. Oof. That was hard, and my excitement for the workout had fueled much of the first rep, now was time to dig in and do the work. I got 400m recovery after every 400, so after 24 laps around the track, I was sweaty, tired, and ever so pleased. I averaged a 1:49 for the 12 reps, which exceeded the goal of 1:56-2:00.

I felt accomplished and relaxed, during my 2 mile cool-down I was reflecting on the workout and the tempo run earlier in the week and I realized that at no point in that workout had I felt relaxed. I had read something that Rachel Schilkowsky wrote earlier in the week, one of her mantra’s was ‘cool as a cucumber’, a phrase that reminded her to stay relaxed and have fun. I hadn’t realized until I looked back that I had built up so much pressure on myself that the runs were anything but fun. I’m glad I noticed the pattern now so I can take steps to remedy it in the coming weeks. The main reason I run is because I LOVE it and it is FUN for me!


  • Food: Mini Garden Turkey Loaves - Budget Bytes - these little loaves were delicious & packed with all the goodness, zucchini, carrots, onion, and mushrooms. They reheated great too, for leftovers. I roasted some broccoli for the side and it paired great. Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Bowls - Budget Bytes - I sought out two slow cooker recipes this week, because I knew I would be running after Colton got home from work, so he and William would need dinner to be ready without me. The taco bowls made 8 large servings and also reheated well for leftovers. The other slow cooker recipe, Teriyaki Pork Sandwiches - Budget Bytes. We also tried a Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Frittata - Budget Bytes. This was the third frittata I’ve made and while the Ratatouille is still my favorite, this one was pretty good too.

    Pork Tacos were our last meal from Hello Fresh, they were good and not something I would normally make. The price per meal ($22) just wasn’t justifiable though. While it’s cheaper than eating out; compared to most of the meals i’ve made from Budget Bytes, it’s double the price and generally half the servings.

  • Reading: I wrapped up Francesca’s Kitchen by Peter Pezzelli - it was pretty slow going until about page 200, then the last 125 pages flew by. It’s a story of a grandmother with a love of cooking who takes a nannying job, and wins over the kids with her baking/cooking skills. I got a little further in Roar by Stacy T. Sims reading how to take care of myself during pregnancy. I wish I had read this book before William, but know I have lots of good information for the next time around. Mom also ordered me Sweet Expectations by Mary Ellen Taylor the sequel to Union Street Bakery so I started that one too.

  • Strength: I decided to take this week off. I began the workout on Tuesday after my short tempo run and after one exercise I just knew i wasn’t in it - mentally or physically. My energy was wiped and my form was suffering before I even started, not good. I could tell my body was taking a little bit to get use to the increase in mileage too, and since running is my focus, i wanted to give my body the rest it needed to perform.

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon:

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