Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Week 4


This week was HUGE. Colton has to travel next week so I had a long run on Sunday and Friday, which made this week my highest weekly mileage EVER. I’m hoping to get a massage or wear the recovery boots next week to help my legs recover! This week was also my ONE year anniversary of running since William, In the last 12 months I’ve logged over 1,500 miles, which just seems insane to me!

Long Run: 16 miles & 16 miles

I ran through Redondo Beach to get to the strand and then took that up to Venice, meeting Colton & William for lunch. I felt pretty good through the entire run, taking a swig of sword every 5k. The nice part about running on the strand is that there are very few stops; I got in at least 8 uninterrupted miles. I ran a couple hills on my way to the strand but that means I also had some stoplights, which are my least favorite thing. The run was pretty uneventful, which is great for an easy long run.

My second long run of the week included a workout component. The goal was to get 16 miles in with at least 6 sub 9. I knew this would be a tough workout, coming just 5 days after my first 16 miler. I didn’t hit the paces I was suppose to, but I did my best effort on some really tired legs. I completed all 16 miles ending with lunch with my two boys.

Workout: Ladder

Since my week was bookended with long runs, I only had one workout this week. Since my last couple weeks have had 2 workouts (one inevitably was great, one not so great) this one workout had the potential to have a lot of pressure on it. I woke up the morning of the workout and felt giddy to get to it. I took that as a good sign; my mind drifted to thoughts of the workout throughout the day but I didn’t allow it to linger too long, since I knew I would start to dwell and overthink it. Once Colton got home, I set out for the workout. During the warmup I went over the workout, mentally preparing myself for what was about to come. 15 minute warm up, half mile at 4:00-4:05, 3 minutes recovery, mile at 8:20, 3 minutes recovery, 2 miles at 8:40 average, 3 minutes recovery, mile at 8:20, 3 minutes recovery, half mile at 4:00-4:05 with a 15 minute cool down.

I knew the 2 mile would be the hardest part for me, but I also knew the 800 and mile would be just as hard and I would need to focus during all of the hard effort portions. I reminded myself of Paige’s advice from a few workouts previous ‘take it one rep at a time’. I knew that pacing myself would be important since in total I was doing 5 miles of harder work, I know i am capable of a 3:40 800 but that wouldn’t benefit me if I couldn’t execute the rest of the workout.

The warm up went by and I was feeling good, just run an 800 and then you can think about the next step. I started off too fast, I glanced at my watch about 400m in and saw I was averaging a 7:30 pace, I made myself slow down to get into the pace range - 4:05 for the first rep. Perfect, I was okay with that.

Next up, a mile. My goal was 8:20, I had programmed my workout to have the range be between 8:00 & 8:20 - so my watch would buzz if I was going faster than 8 or slower than 8:20. I found a groove really quick, telling myself to relax and have fun with the speed. I was hovering around 8:00. My watch would buzz to let me know I was within the range and then buzz to let me know i was going too fast, 7:58. I was holding the pace well so I went with it. Mile clocked in at 7:59. A little faster than the goal, but I was feeling good and felt confident I could run 2 miles at a hard pace.

I started the 2 mile segment, letting myself slow a bit. I set the range to be between 8:20 & 8:40. I stayed within this range well and found my groove back and just went with it. 8:26 for my first mile, not bad, keep it right here. I turned the corner and wind hit my face hard. I pushed it a bit to try and keep the pace as close to 8:26 as I could. I glanced down at my watch, I had 400 m left and I was on pace for another 8:26. I turned another corner and the wind was now working against me, I pushed harder to maintain the pace. Mile 2 came in at 8:23. Close enough for me.

On the homestretch! Could I run another 8:00 mile? Faster? My legs were starting to feel the fatigue of the handwork I’d put in. I found my groove again, around 8:06. With about 400m left I pushed it a bit to try and get a sub 8. I willed my legs to go faster, but they were tired and I finished the mile at 8:00 exactly. Since that was still 20 seconds faster than the goal I was more than okay with it.

Only 800m left, run your heart out. I could tell my turnover was slowing and I was hyper focused on the rep. I ran through a puddle I didn’t even notice was there until I felt my sock squish in my shoe! The half mile came in at 3:57, my fastest segment of the day coming at the end of a hard workout - YES.

I reminded myself multiple times throughout the workout to relax, to be okay with the paces. It’s hard to not compare my current workouts to the Carlsbad cycle; after last weeks failed workout I did a lot of reflecting. I know that a HUGE part of the reason Carlsbad was successful for me, was that it was my first time ever doing it. Everything was so new, and there was very little pressure. Every workout was new, a new challenge. This time around I was putting pressure on myself, which was silly because it’s not like my coach is going to drop me if I don’t hit the paces. I was doing a lot of unnecessary thinking which was hindering my performance. While my coach is making my workouts new and fun, I was telling myself I HAD to crush every workout. While crushing workouts is a LOT of fun, it’s more important to show up and grind, everyday!


  • Food: Tomato Herb Pull Apart Bread - Budget Bytes while I thought this was really yummy, Colton kept calling it ‘pizza bread’, which just felt like a dagger to my heart. We ate a lot of fresh fruits and veggies this week and just kinda threw together a lot of meals, which was great!

  • Reading: I got a little further in Roar by Stacy T. Sims; i’m looking forward to finishing this one up! I’ve learned a lot so far. I got just a little farther in Sweet Expectations by Mary Ellen Taylor. Summer nights have started at our house so we are spending a lot more time outside, so my reading time has been dwindling.

  • Strength: I have been rethinking my strength training approach. With my workouts getting longer, I don’t want to take another hour away from William (not to mention it’s hard to find that time). I am playing with the idea of a 30 minute routine I can do at home, ideally while William naps.

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon:

Want to read more about OR sign up for the marathon i’m training for - Check it out here.

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