Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Week 1


This week started off really rough. My nose was a constant faucet of snot, my eyes itched, and my head felt like a 30 pound bowling ball. I missed my long run, taking a rest day to try and get healthy for the first full week of training. Getting sick during training is super frustrating, much less missing the first official long run. I kept reminding myself that one run won’t make or break me AND the priority of health is key to completing the training cycle with as much fitness as possible.


I ended the week with a little trail run turned hike - Saturday called for a shorter mileage run, so i thought ‘go explore!’ I knew there were trails in Palos Verdes and it was on my bucket list to run around up there. Upside: It’s been raining SO much that everything was vibrant green and beautiful. Not to mention i was completely alone on the trails, which was a breath of fresh air! Downside: It’s been raining SO much that everything was super muddy and the greenery had overgrown the trail in parts that it was hard to even walk on a path much less run. I finished up my 2 mile loop and drove down to the ocean to get some miles in.



I got to break out my new shoes on this one! After reading Hollie’s newsletter (@FueledbyLOLZ) I went to try on some different racing flats at a couple different running stores but unfortunately they weren’t in stock since it’s track season! So i decided to order the Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 4, knowing if they didn’t work I could return them. 

I was pretty nervous going into this one, I like to do these workouts in the morning but I woke up on Tuesday morning with a terrible headache and throat full of mucus. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to perform when walking to the bathroom was a chore. I decided to get back to bed and give myself a little more rest, and maybe try later in the day. As the day progressed I finally started feeling better and decided I needed to try the workout. If i had to cut back on mileage or go easier, so be it; I knew skipping the run would only frustrate me. When Colton got home from work I set out to the gym so I could use the half mile loop to get the run in and if i felt good after that I would try the strength training workout outlined for the day.

I felt super light and springy in the new shoes and the warm up went by quick - getting in a 9:20 mile (which is pretty quick for a warm up, for me). I started the tempo miles; immediately feeling like the pace was a constant battle. I thought about stopping to vomit but knew that half of my struggle was mental. I had it in me to push through. First mile clocked in at 8:10. Right on the edge of the pace goal (8:00-8:10). That mile took a lot of out of me and I was having a hard time finding my groove. I settled into a groove about a 1/4 of the way into mile 2 but it was around 8:30 instead of 8:10. I decided that based on my health, I was okay with an 8:30 mile and kept at that pace. During the course of the mile 2, I pushed a bit and called myself out on getting comfortable. I knew from prior tempo runs that the best way to benefit from them was to get uncomfortable. Mile 2 clocked in at 8:24 and that fueled me to get going. I pushed the pace and with a half mile left I knew I had to kick it up a notch to get my average as close to 8:10 as I could. I pushed hard and got the last mile in at 8:07, for an average of 8:14. While I didn’t succeed in getting the miles within the goal pace, I am calling the workout a success because I continued to push the pace when I really wanted to let up and go easy. Even if I didn’t gain any fitness (which I think I did) i definitely gained some mental toughness on this one!

Speed Work: Intervals

I got to do the same workout as last week, getting to learn from the previous workout. When I first did the workout, the sprinter in me said 'the mile will be the hardest, the 400’s will be a piece of cake’ but after I completed the workout I realized the 400’s were easily the hardest part.

Thursday morning came and I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm (a super power that never fails me). I thought about laying in bed for another hour, feeling that my legs were sore (I had run just 11 hours ago). I was tired, but really, I am the most rested now than i have been in the last year - since William just started sleeping through the night this last month! I knew I would regret not getting the workout in first thing in the morning so i hopped outta bed and got going. It was the first morning without rain in awhile so I was able to run outside, in shorts (what!?) The warm up went by and i shed my long sleeves - go time.

I knew the key to the mile was to get into a groove and hold on. I found a 7:50 pace and held on as long as I could. The mile clocked in at 7:59, awesome. The nice thing about doing this workout on a 1/2 mile loop was that from here on out the reps were only a lap or 1/2 a lap - mental games. I told myself - get this lap under 4 and you’re halfway done. first 800 came in at 3:53. I flipped directions and went out hard for the second lap. My watch vibrated ‘too fast’ I had to do a double take when i saw 6:33 on the face. Who was i? I couldn’t hold that pace for the whole lap, but I clung to the speed while I could - 3:36. Alright, 1 more mile split 4 ways. These would be sprints, which are my very favorite. first one - 1:48. Not bad, but I had more to give. second one 1:47. alright, give a little more. third one 1:45. One more, can you get it under 1:40? 1:39. Perfect. Cool down.


  • Food: Run Fast Eat Slow: Recovery Quinoa Salad - a staple salad in our house. Full of good veggies & quinoa it’s perfect for any meal! New recipes - Pesto Stuffed Shells - these were delicious the first time around. I could tell they bothered my sensitive stomach a bit so I might try a more tomato based stuffing next time we do stuffed shells! (Colton informed me he LOVES stuffed shells). Kale & Chorizo Frittata - I’ve never made Chorizo and only eaten it a few times but this looked so good & easy that i had to try, plus we had a bunch of kale leftover from the quinoa salad. I’m glad I did - it was delicious, even William loved it!

  • Reading: My buddy Emily and I were discussing social media and how we love/hate it. I told her I was thinking about giving up Facebook and Instagram for Lent because i spent so much mindless time scrolling. She fully supported that and told me that she has been devoting time in her mornings and evenings to reading. I loved that idea, so i’m incorporating it into my goals for this cycle. I want to read at least 4 books throughout this cycle. My mom sends me books from thrift stores, so I have a bookshelf FULL of books I have never opened, so they just end up getting moved from house to house with us. First up is Union Street Bakery by Mary Ellen Taylor. I’m a little over halfway through the book and so far it’s pretty good; an easy read that keeps you wanting to know more. I just learned theres a second book to the series so I might have to add that to my list of ‘want-to'-reads’.

  • Strength: The fully body workouts included a lot of body weight exercises this week and left me SORE (but as Emily reminded me, the good sore that means I’ll be able to go HULK soon).

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon:

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