Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Week 6


Halfway! This week ended in a half marathon race, a race my doubt had me dreading but ultimately ended up being a HUGE confidence booster. I walked away with a shiny new PR and confirmation that I AM CAPABLE of a tempo run. The race course was BEAUTIFUL, but more on that later (race recap coming soon). The week went pretty well, I had a long run to start the week and a workout midweek and a bunch of easy miles in between. I decided to return my Nikes, and my solar glides and just stick with what feels the best - Brooks Ghost, Brooks Revel, & Adizero Boston. As much as I wanted a different shoe to work, the Ghost have been a solid shoe for me so far; I went out and bought my 3rd pair and will be doing all my long runs in them, as well as a few easy miles each week.

Long Run: 16 miles


The long run goal was 16-18 miles, with the emphasis being time on feet. Since I wasn’t trying to hit a certain pace I decided to run around the neighborhood - telling myself I was going to run through parks with water fountains so I wouldn’t have to bring my handheld water. [I should seriously figure something else out with that.] Turns out I didn’t run through parks with water (often enough) but did meet up with Colton three times to get Sword, the last time being at mile 14. I was pretty dehydrated so I decided to finish up my last two miles with Dawson and call it a day. I ran in Adidas Solar Glides (that I returned later that day). My right arch was uncomfortable the entire run and ended up being sore the rest of the week. I wore my new rabbit tank and it was glorious, super light and a great color!

Workout: 2 x 3 miles

Hello wind. I almost went to the gym to use the treadmill for this workout, but knew that a run outside would be more beneficial. I knew the half marathon coming up had the potential to be windy so I needed to get these miles in against the wind. That being said, I also wanted to hit the paces so I took a route that would minimize my distance of running straight into the wind. Set one started with a tailwind and an 8:26 mile felt pretty good. The wind was pushing me so the effort didn’t feel too hard. Then I turned the corner and got hit in the face with a strong (20 mph) wind. I felt like I was running 200% harder than the previous mile. I knew I just needed to get to the stoplight and turn the corner for the third mile. I was breathing hard and giving it my all against the gusts for an 8:43. The third mile had some side winds coming at me, but my legs were pretty tired from the second mile. My goal pace range was 8:35-845 so I just worked to stay within that range. Third mile clocked in at 8:35 for an average of 8:35 for the first three. Perfect. I jogged easy for 5 minutes, stopping at a water fountain and setting myself up for another wind friendly three miles. I could tell that this rep would be harder, as that mile against the wind really exhausted my legs. I set off on the third mile reminding myself to let the wind do some of the work and stay within the range - 8:36. Sure enough mile 2 came at me hard. Despite my best efforts to pick up the pace, and give more effort, I was slowing down. I pushed harder but my time was just slipping. I ran as hard as I could for that stretch coming up short at 8:59. My average for the set was 8:49. I needed to push hard this third mile to get my average within the range. The wind was at my back but I had given so much to the second mile that I was sucking air big time but I dropped the average pace to 8:44 with an 8:36 final mile. I finished up with a slow cool down, went home, put my legs up, and crossed my fingers the race wouldn’t have harsh winds.


  • Food: At home we ate some more staple meals (salmon & sweet potatoes, patty-melts, BLTs). We stayed in San Diego the night before the half and found Torpasta, I cannot recommend it enough. Pasta IN Bread. So. So. So. good. I got a 12 inch (as opposed to the 6 inch)… definitely over ambitious with that. I was overly full after 6 inches and then ate a little more. Carbo-loading at it’s finest.

  • Reading: I’m 22 marathons into 26 Marathons by Meb; the book is good but a little hard to read. He repeats himself a lot so I lose interest quickly, but I’m determined to finish it. There have been some good messages in it so far, so I’m glad I picked it up! Roar by Stacy T. Sims & Sweet Expectations by Mary Ellen Taylor are still on my bedside table, I’m hoping to get back to them this week during nap times!

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon:

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