Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Week 7


This week felt like a big win. Two workouts and a bunch of easy recovery miles. Despite not feeling the best throughout the week, I was able to put some solid efforts in and see some good results. I read A LOT; William and I spent almost all day outside, everyday. The week was every bit of ‘the usual’, making it the perfect week. The week didn’t have a long run since I did the race last week.

Workout: 16 x 400

The workout was laid out in 3 sets, first 8 x 400 at 2:00 second was 4 x 400 at 1:55 and third 4 x 400 at 1:50 with 90 seconds between reps and 3 minutes separating the sets. I was really excited to get into this workout, knowing that I could hit those paces and also excited for the challenge of a different workout.

I was really surprised by the spring in my step, since the race was only a couple days before this workout, I thought I might need another day or two to recovery, but my legs were super happy with me! I started the first set and went out WAY too fast. I glanced down at Garm and saw I was cruising at a 6:30 pace. I told myself to cool it. The first rep came in at 1:44. I had 15 more reps so I needed to calm down, so I would be able to execute the last reps. The next 7 reps went by and I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself at all but the reps were coming in the low 50’s. I averaged 1:51 for the first set. The second set I pushed a bit harder, keeping in mind that I wanted my last set to be the fastest. I averaged 1:46 for the second set. The last set was the hardest for sure, averaging 1:41 - I went all out for as long as I could which ended up being 300m each rep and then hold on for dear life the last 100m. I could tell I was struggling the last two reps but I reminded myself the most reps I’d ever done was 12, so doing 16 (and at a faster clip than usual) this time around was pretty good!

Workout: tempo miles

The earlier workout in the week went really well so I was a little worried that I had met my quota for good workouts. Turns out I was worried about nothing. I set out the door for a hard workout, ready to give it my all. The warm up went well and I was feeling good. I had to hit 3 miles at 8:40-8:45 pace. Garm kept tell me I was going too fast, but I couldn’t fall into the range to save my life. Mile 1 came in at 8:30 and I was good with that. I stopped checking my watch, because the groove felt manageable. I didn’t feel like I was working too hard so I just went with it. Mile 2 came in at 8:15 and I wondered if I should try to slow myself, Mile 3 was against a sidewind so I just kept my pace where I could. 8:20 for mile 3 averaging 8:22 for the set.

Next I had to knock out 2 miles at a 8:30-8:35 pace. I started off going too fast but it felt good so I went for it. Mile 1 came in at 8:10. Mile 2 was straight into the wind and ended going up a hill I fought for a 8:34 mile. I had 2 more miles left and they had a break between them. I was suppose to hit the first mile in 8:20-8:25. I ran it in 7:50. The last mile, my goal pace was ‘fast’. When I saw this workout on the log earlier in the week i thought ‘okay, 6 tough miles and then an all out mile, You can break 7:30, right? Maybe set the sights on 7:40’. When I got to the workout I was feeling good so I just let my legs fly. When I turned the corner at .3 into the mile, I saw I was going at 7:06 pace and thought ‘dammit I need a new watch’. I held on for life, running hard to the end of the road. When the watch beeped I looked down to see 7:09 and let out a very audible ‘what’. then a huge grin spread across my face and i said ‘holy shit Jess’.


  • Food: At home we ate some more staple meals (salmon & sweet potatoes, patty-melts, BLTs). We stayed in San Diego the night before the half and found Torpasta, I cannot recommend it enough. Pasta IN Bread. So. So. So. good. I got a 12 inch (as opposed to the 6 inch)… definitely over ambitious with that. I was overly full after 6 inches and then ate a little more. Carbo-loading at it’s finest.

  • Reading: I finished 26 Marathons by Meb - long story short, I’m glad i read it but I’m not sure i recommend others do. If you can find a cliff versions of it, go for that. The same message is repeated a lot throughout the book, so it gets monotonous real quick. I skimmed through the rest of Roar by Stacy T. Sims, I had a hard time reading this thoroughly because of the information overload. I’ll definitely keep this on my bookshelf to refer back to when I need some help with nutrition! I also finished Sweet Expectations by Mary Ellen Taylor it was a great sequel to Union Street Bakery, a quick and light hearted read. I started Educated: A memoir by Tara Westover and i cannot put it down.

Jessica Kennelly