Mountains 2 Beach Marathon: Weeks 9 & 10

Weekly Mileage: 45 & 28

The last two weeks have seen some of my lowest mileage in this training cycle. I missed two workouts and completely skipped a long run - BUT - I also spent over 30 hours in a car over four days, toured a couple houses, drank ALOT of coffee, snuggled a new baby girl, had a traveling husband AND a clingy baby.

Running isn’t my top priority, my child + family are. So when life happens and a run is either impossible or trying to figure out a time to run adds more stress than it’s worth, I just let it go. This has taken me a little bit to learn. When I missed a run during my first marathon training cycle I STRESSED and that stress affected my next run and life outside of running. It just wasn’t worth the stress! This training cycle has been pretty solid up till now, so missing a couple days isn’t the end of the world. Missing the trip to our future home would have been a big regret, so putting aside a long run to be there was worth it. If I don’t meet my goals when the marathon comes around, I don’t think i’ll look back and say ‘well if only I had done that one long run, I would have shaved off 3 minutes and then I’d be happy.’ The entire reason I signed up for this marathon so close to my previous marathon was because it will be the last week i live in CA, and I wanted to run another marathon in CA before we move! I had heard this one was beautiful, so I plan to take it ALL in.


20 mile long run with 6 at tempo -

The goal of this run was to get 18-20 miles in with 6 of them being at 8:10-8:20 pace. The math nerd in me said ‘okay if you do 4 warm up and 4 cool down you only have 12 in the middle. if you do one on, one off, six times you’re done. easy’ So that’s what I did. I averaged 8:18 for the 6 fast miles and ended with TWENTY miles, my longest training run ever!

Fartlek -

Since I missed a workout and traveled ALOT in the days leading up to this workout my coach had me do a Fartlek, since they are hard to measure but still require effort. I started with a minute on and worked up to five, then came back down. The workout was a lung burner after taking a couple days off but It felt good to sweat again!


  • Reading: I’ve still got Misery Loves Cabernet by Kim Fruenenfelder on my bed side table. It made the trip to New Mexico with us, but I think I only picked it up once and only read about a paragraph before I thought better about reading in the car. (car sickness hits me quick!). A friend recommended I read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens I’m not very far in but the story is pretty interesting so far and I love a good murder story so I’m hoping to finish it before the marathon.

Jessica Kennelly