Week 2: Hot & Sweaty

Weekly Mileage: 25 miles

Today marks two full weeks with Sam - let me tell ya, while I think having a running coach is a great idea for ALOT of reasons, i’ve never needed the accountability like I have the last two weeks. The heat and early mornings are almost enough to keep me in hibernation for the summer. The really great thing, that i’ve come to love, about the early mornings: the most beautiful sunrises. I love watching the colors paint the sky, and every morning is different. The views can temporarily take my mind off the lack of oxygen in my lungs and the dryness of my mouth. Each day seems a little better, with the exception of the days that seem 100x worse (the road of training is never straight).


I started the week off with a 4 mile fun run with my best bud at the Lavender Festival in Albuquerque. I had a blast chatting with Em along the scenic route, she probably wanted to tell me to shutup so she could focus on keeping her gatorade down, but i mean, she’s still talking to me… so i’ll call that a win! The route went through a ritzy neighborhood and into a winery, so I got to see a unique little piece of ABQ. The lavender festival had lots of cool vendors but it was pretty hot so we didn’t stick around for long, just long enough for William to get a little stuffed donkey named Burro. It’s the newest addition to his crib gang. Burro and Frank are the best of friends and William tells them all his stories.

The rest of the week consisted of mostly easy miles. with the exception of my first workout back. The easy miles went well, I even got a running partner one morning! One day I opted for sleep (woke up with a headache) over the early morning run and I seriously regretted it. I ended up running in the early evening, after checking the weather and seeing that it wasn’t going to cool down AT ALL in the next 6 hours. I only made it half of the distance, because I was sweating SO. DANG. MUCH. Lesson learned, GET UP.

The workout was a bit intimidating, but after talking to my coach we agreed to go off effort and not pace, which took stress off me and resulted in a thoroughly enjoyed sweat session. The original plan was to hit 3 miles at 8:00ish pace. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do this, hitting 8:20 at the end of my runs seemed so hard still, there was no way I could maintain it for 3 miles. I know that taking a month off + altitude + heat will take a bit of time to get back into shape, but i’m okay with that and enjoying the process of finding my groove back.

Workout: 3 tempo miles

I went out with the mindset of running hard but controlled for those 3 miles. I set out to my gravel sanctuary and just let my legs fly. I didn't want to know my pace, strictly go off feel, so I didn’t glance at my watch (only when I thought I was halfway, so I could turn around - turns out I glanced at 1.49 into a 3 mile section. pretty dang good spidey-skills, I would say.) I paused for about 20 seconds at halfway to take a picture of the sunrise, and then again with .8 to go - partly because I needed to catch my breath, but also because there was at a cattle guard and I tripped on it, almost crashed and burn on my way out and wanted to avoid that. I could feel i was dying at the end of the run, so just kept looking for the water bottle I had set out that marked the end of the run - fortunately (unfortunately?) it was green and all the weeds on the gravel road are green so I kept thinking ‘theres my bottle’ and it was just a weed. In any case, all those weeds got me to the end and I had a HUGE smile on my face because YAY, first tempo run of NM in the BANK.


During my first marathon training cycle tempo runs were one of my favorite workouts, i also nailed almost every one that I set out to do. During my second marathon training cycle tempo runs were my least favorite. I couldn’t get my legs/mind to cooperate. I don’t think i successfully did a single one. When I FIRST started trying with Sam, back in 2017, I had no idea what a tempo run was. I was just starting to train for the Las Vegas Marathon when she put a 3 mile tempo run on my schedule. I asked ‘okay so you run a mile at x:xx pace then you stop and catch your breath and do it again?’ I literally had NO IDEA. I remember that first shot at a tempo run, it was NOT GREAT. I don’t think I managed to get one of those miles in the paces she had written down, and the 3 miles were drastically different, i think more than a minute apart in time. So, with all these experiences in mind I was incredibly happy with this first tempo run back. I completed the run with a grin, and that was the best measure of success for me.

Looking at my data after the run, it was clear i started off WAY TOO HOT. My first paces were about 7:20, no wonder I died at the end. I remember feeling so free, just letting my legs fly - definitely need to reign it in a little bit next workout, save the free legs for the end - if i have anything left, kick it hard to the water bottle (or the weed, whatever).

All in all, I’m super happy with this week’s log.