Week 4: Hide & Seek

Weekly Mileage: 23

This week was.. weird?

in general, I haven’t had many issues with finding motivation. I am typically self motivated and i LOVE to run - so why was it soon hard to get out the door this week? I’m still looking for a solid reason for this - but a lack of motivation meant i skipped two runs this week. I’m not beating myself up over it, but I also don’t really want it to be a common thing. What i’ve come up with so far: Having to run at 5:30 AM (for heat and schedule reasons) means running in the pitch black, which doesn’t make me feel totally safe/comfortable. Opting to sleep a little longer in the morning means running in the afternoon, which can be brutal. I was able to successfully run one night this week and it ended up being GREAT. so maybe the horrendous heat is turning seasons? I can only hope. Another issues was the jogging stroller tires were FLAT. I finally got them fixed this week, so I can do easy runs with William in the morning - in the light - in the still cool portion of the day & don’t have to sacrifice sleep.

Long Run: 9 miles


Long run

Finish line

This felt SOOOOO good. The miles clicked by and I felt really good the entire run. I was able to string together 7+ miles without stopping which gave me a confidence boost since my longest prior was 5 miles (since moving to NM).


In true theme with the week, i questioned doing this workout all day long. I actually wasn’t going to run at all. Colton asked if I wanted to go for a run around 7 and i said ‘nah. i’m good'. Then i walked outside and there was a nice breeze so i thought ‘well maybe i could do 30 minutes?’. Then i started running and i felt surprisingly really good - so i went for the workout. I usually program my workouts into Garm and rely on the beeps and vibrates to guide my workout. Since i started the run as a normal run and not the workout I had to go off feel/music. There was something oddly freeing about that.

The workout was 5 x 3 minutes hard/1 minute easy with 2 miles warm up and cool down. The whole workout took about an hour and it flew by. I didn’t have water on me, which i was craving 3 sets in, but I made it. The sets ranged from 8:02 - 8:37. I was happy with my effort and the workout. I also knew that my performance was proof my funk is completely mental. My body IS capable of these runs. Keeping this in mind as I go into more training.

4 mile tempo

I skipped this. why? great question. I had a headache when I woke up at 5 am, so i popped some Excedrin and went back to bed. I felt off the ENTIRE day. It was frustrating. I let the emotions fester. I didn’t drink enough water just making the situation worse. When the evening came rolling around I didn’t feel like running, so i didn’t. I rarely feeling like not running so that was another frustrating thing. Then colton and I played bags. and I lost. If you know me, you know that is top of the list frustrating (HAHA). Hoping to not repeat this day again.

Sunset over Organ Mountains

Sunset over Organ Mountains

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