Week 5: Strollin'

Weekly Mileage: 20 miles

Colton was gone this week, so all my runs were with little man. Throw in MOLARS & missing his dad, it was a long week with shorter runs than I wanted. I LOVE running with William - this laid back week was JUST what i needed. When I got to run solo on Saturday I felt so light - but also pretty lonely, nobody was waving at the tractors as I ran past!

The only goal was to run when I could, and how far we could. Most days that meant 3-4 miles ALWAYS ending at the park.

We were both VERY happy when Colton got home - poor buddy thought every time Colt left the room he was leaving again - Colton could barely go to the bathroom without having a crying babe. We got to end our weekend with a trip to the aquatic center!

Jessica KennellyComment