Week 6: Showing up

Weekly Mileage: 32

FINALLY, a week where I showed up EVERY DAY. It’s been awhile since that happened. Most of the runs went well. Some where just ‘blah’, but you have to have those to really enjoy the great ones, right? I’ve been really tracking my water intake (anywhere from 160-220 oz a day!) and keeping track of the food i’m eating so I can better understand what’s making my blah days blah and my great days great.

The long run: 8 miles

The goal was to run anywhere between 6 and 9 miles. I drank some pedialyte and hit the road; deciding to find a new route for the days mileage. I ran to a neighboring development explored a bit then found a road I knew would intersect a road I was familiar with. The miles were flying and the weather was perfect. I was coming up to a spot, i knew was about a mile from home. I figured I would have to make another loop to get to 6 miles + i was feeling really good, so I was fine with adding on to the run to get a little more than 6 in. When i glanced down I saw I was at 7 miles. I had NO clue how the time/miles had gone by and I had barely noticed. I decided to take the longer of two ways home and call it there (a little over 8 miles for the day). These runs, the ones where you feel like you could go forever and you wouldn’t even notice, are the very best.

The workout: fartlek

This workout was scheduled for Wednesday, so I waited patiently for Colton to get home so I could lace up my shoes and head out the door. Well, as soon as Colton got home (like literally within 2 minutes) it started DOWN POURING & blowing like crazy. I was so bummed, I wasn’t going to be able to get my run in - I kept checking the weather app to see when the storm would blow over, but my dumb app told me it was sunny (very big lie). Well, the rain did stop, for the most part, but the wind did not. I was looking forward to this run so much, I decided to hit the the pavement and just see how it went - worst case scenario I would do a couple easy miles and save my workout for Thursday.

I got out into the open road i like to run on (because it’s closed to traffic!) and oh my Lanta was it WINDY (when I got home I checked the weather, 32 mph winds!!!). I fought the wind during my warm up and told myself if the crosswinds were unbearable to just run easy - well despite almost falling over a couple times I was able to complete the workout and i felt so strong for it. Theres something about taking on wind that empowers the runner in you, yeah?

My splits weren’t anything crazy, or even my fastest - but I got out there and battled the wind to put in a hard effort and that’s gotta count for something (right, running gods?)

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