Week 3: Sports Bra Summer

Weekly Mileage: 25

Another week, a lot more sweat.

5 out of 5 runs this week ended in less tank top than they started with. I started super early, but there is no escaping the heat down here.


I had a minute on/minute off fartlek this week and it did NOT go well. I had a really hard time pushing the pace, and ended up walking some of the easy minutes. I was pretty dehydrated so I think that was a huge part of the problem. Add in being tired and still trying to figure out the heat/altitude.. just not my day. I spent about 3 minutes feeling sad about this workout, then i got over it and started looking forward to my next workout. I’ve been making sure I get enough water each day, writing down my total ounces to keep me accountable.

4 mile tempo

I didn’t have much expectations for this one. i woke up at 5 am, and got out the door by 5:20. The warm up was pretty slow going, it was pitch black out & I was still shrugging off some sleep. When the tempo portion began my legs took over, while my mind told them to slow down - i didn’t want to start off too fast again. I started a little slow but got into a good groove at 8:40 pace. The first 2.75 miles were solid then the wheels started to fall off. The last mile took everything i had to hang on. It ended up being a 9:07 mile but I’ll take it. When i was doing my fartlek earlier in the week, i thought about quitting multiple times because it was just going SO HORRIBLY (in hindsight, i was not in a great mental place during the workout). When I did this tempo run I felt great the entire time (I was actually only planning to do 3 miles at first, but felt so good i kept it up, well kinda - ha). I’m glad the tempo runs are coming together this cycle and i’m actually looking forward to next weeks!

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