Week 7: Hot Hot Hot

Weekly Mileage: 35

Pretty solid week of training - my favorite gravel road was a little loose so that wasn’t great since i’m pretty clumsy. I got to run solo a lot this week which is always nice. I did try to run with the stroller at 3 PM one day.. it was a terrible mistake. I looked down to see William was drenched in sweat, so we had to head on home to the air conditioning.

Long Run: 10

YAY! This went really well. The first 8 miles were solid. The last 2 miles were hard, but i pulled through. I ran out of water in the first 4 miles, but I made it and I’m stronger for it!

Fartlek: 3 minutes/1 minute - 2 minutes/1 minute - 1 minute/1 minute

Okay run, but it was pretty hot & my legs were pretty tired! I got the whole morning to myself, since Colton had the day off and took William for a sweet morning of fun. I tried out my new hydration pack and it worked really well. The workout took miles and my poorly filled water bladder lasted 7 miles!

Jessica Kennelly